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Special websites and techniques (21)

Here you select the thank-you page as the forwarding destination and under "Vote system" (mark!) the corresponding question and the answer corresponding to the button from the respective drop-down box. And you do that for all six buttons of our example (don't forget to save).

And that's basically it. You can now save and republish your website.

To view the results, you have to switch back to the vote system in the website view, select the corresponding question tile there and switch to the answer view by clicking on the pencil icon. There, above the respective answer line, you will find the number of corresponding votes - counted here via the clicks of the respective button on our sample website:

With this, the principle of the Builderall vote system should be clear and you can think of other use cases.

Note: The voting system is available for the following redirects: Web, Page, Popup, Anchor, Video, Download, Supercheckout, Email, Phone, Rotation Banner, Show Hidden Panel, Multi.

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