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Voting System

For certain use cases, it can make sense to integrate a voting system into a website. The aim is usually to obtain statistically analyzable data, for example by posing questions with several possible answers and counting how often the website visitors select which answer alternative. But it is also very easy to simply count how often, for example, a download button is clicked or a certain pop-up window is displayed by means of the vote system integrated in Cheetah.

The procedure can best be explained with an example, which is directly related to the term "Vote". Let's assume you are creating a website on a political topic and want to know which parties your website visitors intend to vote for in the next elections. A corresponding question on a web page could then look like this:

The goal is that every mouse click on one of the yellow buttons is explicitly counted as a "vote". In order to avoid multiple clicks, each click should be redirected to a thank-you page (created with "Cheetah", of course). Of course, this page has to be created separately, because all buttons will link to it.

Normally, you start creating the questions and the answer options in the "Vote System" section of the corresponding website (left side menu in the website view). Clicking on this menu item will take you directly to the area where you can create your questions:

Note: Enter the question text in the heading field of the created tile. However, do not forget to click on the outlined green checkmark to actually save the text entry.

In the next step you have to enter the answer alternatives. To do this, click on the pencil icon in the question tile:

Here you will find the button "+ ADD ANSWER". In our example, they consist of the names of the parties. Since we have buttons for six parties on our website, you must also assign six answer alternatives to the question here.

Note: Do not forget to save the answer alternatives. The green button that serves this purpose is located in the upper right corner of the "Vote system" tile.

Of course, you can now enter more questions and answers here. Otherwise, we are done here for now and can switch to the web page with the question and answer buttons (or, if not already done, create this and a thank you page).

To set up the button whose label contains the answer to the question, switch to the "Configure redirects" function in its header menu and there to the "Page" menu item in the side menu, where the following window opens:

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