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A/B Split Test

As you know, in an A/B test, instead of directing traffic to a single landing page (or even a complete website), the traffic is directed equally to two different variants of it with the aim of determining which of these two landing page variants ultimately converts "better". For this, it is not at all necessary that the site has several hundred visitors per day with corresponding conversions (e.g. determined by the number of visitors who completely went through a Mailingboss sign-up and were directed to a thank-you page in this way). By simply looking at the results ("Page A achieved 30% conversions and Page B 70% conversions out of 100%"), this method can be used to very quickly find out which of the two variants works better.

Note: Always change only one feature of your web page when performing an A/B split test. This is because such a test can only correctly capture the behavior between change and effect if there is exactly one single change between the variants.

In "Cheetah" such a test for a website can be implemented very quickly. All that is needed is a main page (for which there must be two variants with a different name) and a target page. When the visitor arrives at the corresponding target page (this could be a thank you or download page, for example), then a counter of page A or the counter of page B is incremented accordingly. The "main page variant" that has the highest counter reading after a certain test time is then the more optimal page for the correspondingly varied feature.

To test an existing website (e.g. landing page), switch to the "Split Test" menu item in the "Cheetah" editor in the left margin menu. On the right side you will then find the button "ADD SPLIT TEST". A click on it opens the following input window:

Here you select the first page ("A") of the two variants (this is the "main page") and the page whose "visit" should be counted. After saving, a new "tile" will be displayed:

Here you click on the "ADD PAGE" button. Now you can add the (prepared) page "B" to the split test:

Save - and that's it. Builderall will automatically split the traffic equally between both "main page variants" after republishing the website. If you want to see the result of your efforts after a few days of testing, you just need to switch back to the corresponding website view in the "Cheetah" editor and select the "Split Test" menu item. There you will find the button "SHOW DATA", which will take you to the (here still empty) result display:

Note: If you do not add page "B" to the split test, you can still measure the performance of the main page "A".

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