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Special websites and techniques (16)

To activate a social proof popup on a web page, you usually need its embed code. You can find it via the corresponding menu item in the three-dot menu of the campaign tile ("Request embed code"):

In the case of Builderall, however, we can do without it, since all the necessary mechanisms are already implemented natively. We only need to open the corresponding website in the "Cheetah" site builder. In the left side menu you will find the item "Social Proof", which you now have to click on. In response to this, an input window opens in which you a) have to select the social proof campaign you have just created from the drop-down box and b) select all the websites on which the popup is to appear later.

After that, you still need to go to the web page that contains the Mailingboss form (remember, we had selected "Mailingboss as the application to collect the data). Now you will find the icon for "Social Proof" in its header menu, which will take you to the input window for the "Social Proof Settings". Here you select the corresponding campaign again and use the drop-down box below it to select the field that is to be used as the "user name":

After that, all you have to do is republish the website and the social proof popup should be active with it…

Note: In the three-dot menu of the campaign tile, you can view, among other things, click statistics that show you how well your campaign is being received by your website visitors.

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