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Browser push notifications

Browser push notifications are messages that you, as a website operator, send directly to your website visitors as soon as their consent is received. These notifications can be received on both desktop and mobile devices. On desktop, they appear as small rectangular message boxes in the upper left or right corner of the screen. On smartphones, mobile push notifications look virtually the same as push notifications sent by many apps.

However, to receive such push notifications, your website visitors must explicitly subscribe to them on your website. There is a special subscription window for this as well, which pops up when they visit the website.

Furthermore, one of the great advantages of a web push notification is that you can send messages to their subscribers at any time, even if the recipient is not currently on your website...

Note: Browsers that support web push notifications are Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge.

In "Cheetah", the browser notification for a selected website basically only has to be "switched on". If you are in the website view, you will find the corresponding function in the left side menu:

They then only need to confirm that the browser should pop up a small pop-up as soon as the visitor enters their website:

This setting causes that as soon as the visitor enters your website, a small window appears on the top left (Chrome) where the visitor can either block or allow push messages. If he clicks on "Allow", then you can send him small messages at any time later.

To do this, you need to switch back to the left-hand side menu of the corresponding website and call up the "Send Notification" sub-item there. There you formulate your short message and add a web link of the page that the recipient should visit if possible:

Now, as soon as you click the "Push" button at the end of the form, all your subscribers will receive the corresponding message on their desktop or smartphone:

The websites where browser notification is enabled are administered in the campaign list. There you can see in particular at any time how many subscribers have registered in the last week, month or in total.

Once you have collected enough subscribers in this way, such browser notifications can definitely be used as a useful marketing tool.

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