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Special websites and techniques (13)

To do this, we first need to select the "Custom templates" menu item in the Design Studio. There, in turn, there is the menu item "Create Template", which we use to transfer our mockup template to the editor so that we can upload it to the Builderall Cloud after defining the "Advertising Space".

The main function here is "Create new border". If you click on this function, a translucent blue square will appear on the image, the size, shape and position of which can be defined as desired both with the mouse (anchor box) and via the settings sliders on the right-hand side. The aim of the exercise is to position this "square" (which will later act as a placeholder for our "advertising image") as precisely as possible on the camera display.

Once the "Placeholder area" is selected, the template can be saved. It will now be listed on the "My Templates" page:

To create a mockup based on this template, all you need to do is double-click the image (clicking the pencil icon, on the other hand, loads the template back into the placeholder editor). It will then be loaded into the mockup editor. There you can upload your advertising image via "Upload media", which should replace the placeholder. Make sure that your image reaches the recommended pixel size or exceeds it in both coordinates. In our example, we select the image of a predatory fly to be projected onto the camera display.

The part of the image that is inside the red rectangle in the preview is transferred to the placeholder area. You can now move the image with the mouse or scale it with the slider on the right side until it optimally fills the placeholder area. If you want, you can also add a label - but this is not really necessary here...

If everything is OK, press the "Done" button and then - on the output page - the "See Result" button:

If you are satisfied with the result, you can now download the finished mockup (e.g. as a jpeg file). In the drop-down box, you only need to select the desired image size beforehand. And that was all. Now you can share it as an image file or add it to your website or webshop.

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