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It is very convenient to install a corresponding Chrome add-on for the color selection of Flat UI colors. Then you have access to the color palettes at any time with just a few mouse clicks. Such a Chrome extension is for example the free "Flat UI Colors Palette", which is recommended to install herewith. You can find it in the Google Webstore:

LINK: Flat UI Colors Palette


The operation is intuitive and simple. After you have clicked on a color on any palette, its hex code is on the clipboard and can then - as described above - be transferred to the color selection of "Cheetah".

LINK: General information about graphics / color concepts / color theory


Stylishly showcasing products - designing mockups

In the world of advertising, products have long since ceased to be stylishly staged by means of photo shoots, because that is far too expensive and much too time-consuming, especially for small companies. Instead, the possibilities of modern computer technology are used to project product images onto any background. A typical example is - as the picture shows - a smartphone on whose display any motif you choose (here the cover of Builderall Power magazine) is shown.


Such images are usually called mockups. For their creation, Builderall provides the Mockup Design Studio.

This section cannot cover all the features of the Builderall Mockup Design Studio. It will only show how to create a simple mockup, which can then be integrated into a website like any other image.

A first impression of the possibilities offered by mockups can be obtained by viewing the templates offered by default in the Mockup Design Studio, which are all clearly arranged on a selection page. The light blue areas are the areas that you can fill with your own photos or graphics, whereby the conversion into an appropriate perspective form is of course done by the program.

Of course, you do not have to rely only on these "advertising spaces" listed here. Of course, you can also edit your own photos with the Design Studio in such a way that mockups can be created on their basis. How this works exactly, will be shown in the following step by step with the help of a simple example...

The starting point is a cropped image of the back of an SLR camera, the display of which is to show a special photo that explicitly highlights the quality of a macro lens.

Tip: There are now many programs with which you can crop images (i.e. remove their background). If you want to do it quickly and you do not want to remove more than 50 images per month (more precisely so-called "thumbnails" with a low resolution, e.g. 625x400 pixels), then a free account from "" is sufficient. Otherwise you have to purchase corresponding credits.

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