Create Websites with CHEETAH

A first look at the drag'n drop sitebuilder "Cheetah“ (2)

You can tell that this is a template by the fact that most texts are only placeholders ("Lorem ipsum dolor..."). Also, links are often missing (e.g. via buttons) and e-mail forms and message boxes are usually not yet configured. But keep in mind that you can adjust all the elements that make up the web pages later in the editor, replace texts and images, and also change or delete all the elements in their position and size. And of course you can also add new elements to your future web pages as you wish. So if you like the template, close the preview window again and press the "Select this" button on the template selection page. The template will be instantly loaded into the site builder after confirmation and you will also immediately see the page overview of the new website. In this case the template explicitly contains four web pages named "HOME", "ABOUT", "SERVICES" and "STORE". And of course you can add more web pages if needed. For this purpose, the tiles "+ ADD NEW PAGE" and "+ ADD NEW PAGE TURBO" are available. In the latter, you can select a special theme template and make various settings.

If you click on "Home" in the upper left corner of the main menu bar (or on the "Builderall" logo on the far left), you will get back to the familiar website view, where your new website is now displayed under "Published". To get back to the website view, you only need to click on the "EDIT PAGE" button here - which you should also do once in the case of the "Home" page...

The web page view essentially consists of three areas. In the center you will find all the individual web pages (here four in total) that your website currently consists of. These are the pages "HOME", "ABOUT", "SERVICES" and "STORE". In addition, the colored buttons "ADD NEW PAGE", "PUBLISH" and (eventually) "PUBLISH NEW" are located in the upper right corner of the "Main Menu". Furthermore, there is the possibility to switch back to the "Website" view via "Home" or by clicking on the Cheetah logo.  

Note: Change the title of the website from "My Cheetah website" to (e.g.) "My Barber Shop" using the three-point "Settings" menu in the website view. You should also unpublish the website first. Then switch back to the website's page view and change the page names of the three automatically created pages there (Three-Point Menu - Settings - Name). By the way, if you use one of the website wizards, this information is already requested when creating the website.

Furthermore, you will find a function on this page that allows you to re-sort the page view ("Sort") as well as a search function that is always useful if your website consists of very many individual pages. With each letter you enter there, the view will be filtered according to the page name and only those web pages will be displayed that meet the search criteria (try it out!).

The "Create Member Area" button is used to add a so-called "Member Area" to the website, to which only certain groups of people (which you can of course define) have access. You have surely noticed such "member areas" on many homepages, which often provide a button with the label "LogIn" in the menu area for this purpose. However, our "Barbershop Template" does not contain such a member area. If it did, the corresponding page would be listed in the "Member Areas" section of the website view, as the following screenshot shows:

A very extensive menu area is located on the left side of the Sitebuilder screen. You can expand or collapse it using the leftmost button of the main menu. We will deal with the functions offered in it in detail later. But first, let's load a page from the "Barber Shop" website into the actual editor to see how it is displayed there and what you can do with it. To do this, click on the "EDIT PAGE" button on the "HOME" page:


And this is what it looks like, the "Cheetah" drag'n drop responsive site builder with the homepage of our barbershop template loaded in edit mode!

Tip: If you are viewing this page for the first time, you should briefly go through the offered "tour" once, in which the most important areas and functions of the site builder are briefly introduced to you.

In the center you can see the Barbershop template homepage in all its glory. This is the area called the "editor window" because it is where the "assembling" and "designing" of the web page takes place. Above it is the editor's main menu, and to the right (which can be folded in and out on small screens) is the so-called edge menu with the banner and elements palette (under the "New" tab). This area also shows all "properties" of an element marked (= "focused") in the editor, so you can easily change them there. Furthermore, you will find a tab for your own banner and element templates.

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