Create Websites with CHEETAH

Special websites and techniques (9)

As a rule, the interested party will of course be sent a confirmation e-mail or SMS. He then has the opportunity to cancel the appointment again. So if you select "Yes, send confirmation" here (which you should always do), you will immediately have access to a text editor where you can formulate the confirmation mail (or the text of the SMS):

Now let's move to the Reminders category. Here, too, there are two options. Either you do not remind the prospect of the appointment ("No, do not send any reminders" - not recommended) or you send him appropriate reminders by mail or SMS at specified times before the appointment. In this case you have to click the "NEW REMINDER" button to get to the corresponding input fields. The setting window for the text of the e-mail or SMS and for the time of sending can be reached as usual via the pencil icon. We choose here only a reminder two hours before the agreed appointment:

Here, too, you must not forget the obligatory click on "SAVE AND CONTINUE" at the end. Then the "AUTOMATION" page will be opened. It allows the automatic entry of the interested party into one or more prepared mailingboss lists. If you don't want this to happen, just leave the setting at "Do nothing". Otherwise (which is the better idea) check "Subscribe to a list" and then select the appropriate or corresponding mailingboss list from the drop-down box:

Note: You can use the "Create list" link to go directly to Mailingboss and create a new list there.

Now once again "SAVE AND CONTINUE" and the new booking calendar is created. You will now have access to a link to the calendar, which you can also distribute elsewhere (e.g. to an e-mail) (but it should be shortened via a URL shortener beforehand). In addition, at this point you are offered the iFrame code for "Cheetah", with which the just created calendar can be easily integrated into the corresponding website.

Let's take a detailed look at the different options in the "Cheetah" editor.

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