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Special websites and techniques (6)

The second submenu item concerns the design of the registration form, which is displayed as soon as a visitor clicks the "Register" button. If you do not make any settings here, then the standard form provided by "Cheetah" will be displayed on your website with the fields "Name", "Email" as well as "Password" (2x) using the standard template. However, you can add your own fields to these "mandatory" fields at any time. The "Add field" button is used for this purpose. And there is - as far as the field type is concerned - quite a selection:

In the category "Form Template" you can then influence the appearance of the registration form by selecting an appropriate template and possibly making additional settings (for example, the color of the background). Here you should simply try out the individual variants yourself. A preview is available in the settings area:

The third submenu "Senders" is necessary for simultaneous sending of an e-mail in the course of registration. Three steps are necessary for this. First of all you have to enter here the sender e-mail address that the recipient will see in his inbox. If you explicitly do not want a response, then simply create your own "no-reply" mail address or use the default "".

In the second step you have to create an e-mail template. To do this, go to the "Email Templates" submenu in the left side menu. Here you can now create a new email template. To do this - after you have given the new template a meaningful name - open the text editor and change the text of the template accordingly. You can use any of the tags displayed in the lower area (including any you may have created yourself) as placeholders:

And now - in a third step - you only have to explicitly assign this e-mail to the member area. This is done in the basic settings of the website, where you will find the drop-down box "E-Mail template for member area", which now also contains your just created e-mail template with the meaningful name "Member area" for selection:

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