Create Websites with CHEETAH

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To set this up, you need the URL of your website's homepage, which you can copy from your browser's address bar to the Windows clipboard. Then log in to Google Analytics with your Google user profile and switch to the "Administration" section via the left-hand side menu:

Here you need to create a new property. On the following page we select "Web - Website Analysis":

Clicking "Next" will then take you to the actual property setup. Here you first have to give the website a unique name (here "WINcontact Telemarketing") and enter its URL (in this case into the corresponding field. Furthermore, you can select an industry here and set the time zone for reports (here "Germany"):

We finish all these settings by clicking the "Create" button, after which the tracking code will be created automatically:

Now we copy it back to the clipboard and switch to the "Cheetah" editor and there to the basic settings of the website In the category "Script Settings" you will find the section "Analytics Scripts", into which you now copy the complete tracking code from the clipboard ():

Now just save - and that's it. After republishing the website, Google Analytics will keep a permanent eye on the site and collect the relevant statistics for you.

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