Create Websites with CHEETAH

Thinking about SEO (6)

In our case, we select the input field in the "URL prefix" area and enter the URL of our website there. Afterwards, we have to confirm that the entered website really originates from them. In the case of a first-time entry, this will of course not yet be the case. In the dialog that now follows, Google offers various options for the necessary verification, of which only the "HTML tag" option comes into question for us:

Using the "COPY" button, we now copy this meta tag provided here by Google to the clipboard and then switch to the corresponding website in "Cheetah" - namely to its "Basic settings". There we change to the category "SEO Settings" and copy the confirmation tag from the clipboard into the field "Metatag" and of course save the whole thing:

Important: Afterwards you have to republish the page. To do this, use in the "Cheetah" Sitebuilder the button "REPUBLISH" in the main menu or alternately the function "Unpublish" - "Publish" in the 3-dot menu of the website! As a result, in the source text of the published website (in the Chrome browser with or call up via the context menu of the right mouse button "Page source text") the newly entered metatag should be found (use search function ).

Now we go back to Google Search Console and press the "CONFIRM" button in the dialog box that is still open. This triggers a confirmation run, which, however, does not always lead to immediate success. You may have to wait a bit here and repeat the confirmation run until it works.

Once the website is confirmed, you need to submit it for indexing. To do this, enter your URL (i.e. the one on the left in the Property menu) in the search box at the top of the Console and then click on the "URL check" menu item in the left margin menu. Now all available data will be retrieved from the Google index and the submission is successfully completed.

Note: Register your website in all four variants, i.e. with and without "www" and with "http://" as well as "https://".

Connect Cheetah website with Google Analytics

Especially when using websites for commercial purposes (e.g. as a sales funnel for affiliate products), it is important to regularly analyze the acceptance and visitor behavior in order to carry out corresponding optimizations or to check the use of certain traffic sources for their effectiveness. The most frequently used tool for this purpose is without doubt "Google Analytics", which can be used free of charge in the basic version. This extraordinarily powerful analysis tool provides you with information on, among other things

  • the number of visitors to your site

  • the search terms used by visitors to find your website

  • the exact time visitors spend on your website

  • the content that visitors viewed on your site

  • the devices (desktop, smartphone ...) that your visitors use

  • the browsers your visitors are using

  • the sources of visitors, such as links, search engines, etc.

  • the demographic characteristics, such as language and location of the visitors

  • and much more.

The tool works by means of a special tracking code that you can create in Google Analytics for exactly your website and then insert it into your website created with "Cheetah". How to do this exactly, will now be shown step by step.

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