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Thinking about SEO (4)

Using Builderall's SEO On-Page Reports

Builderall includes its own small and particularly easy-to-use SEO tool called "SEO On-Page Reports". It serves to check to what extent your website is already optimized for a particular keyword.

Note: Before using this tool, you need to integrate it with your Builderall dashboard.

The handling of this tool is very simple. You enter the URL of the (individual) page to be analyzed and the keyword for which the page is to be optimized. As a result of the analysis, you will receive a corresponding assessment "A" = excellent, "F" = poor, as well as a list of data that will help you further optimize the website. Such an analysis could look like this:

As you can see, the analyzed page receives the grade "B", i.e. there is still some need for optimization. In the "Overview factor" section, the tool lists how many parameters of one of the mentioned categories are fulfilled and how much is not. If the indicator box is "green", then you have achieved the optimum with your website with regard to the entered keyword. Otherwise, click on the corresponding link to get to the related details of the page analysis. In this example, we now want to switch to the "Additional factors" section, where we have fulfilled only 3 of 5 possible points:

All criteria that are fulfilled by the website are "checked off" in this list. All other points, on the other hand, should be analyzed in order to optimize the website so that these points are also fulfilled. Here it is always recommended to click on the link "Read more" to get detailed information about the corresponding point:

In this case here, for example, the tool mocks that the meta description of the web page is obviously too long with 271 characters. It recommends here to shorten the text to approximately 156 characters...

Short Onpage SEO Checklist for a Website

Every page that is to be indexed by search engines should be SEO optimized separately (also concerns the keyword). If you meticulously adhere to the following points, you will always be on the right side:

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