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Search engine optimization portals and apps

In this section, only a few tools providers and Chrome extensions can be presented that have proven to be suitable for SEO optimization of websites. By the way, these include the "SEO On-Page Reports" included in the Builderall package, which are very easy to use. In addition, all the tools, apps and platforms mentioned below are (also) available in a free version. However, the website professional will ultimately opt for a paid package - especially if web design is part of his business model.


The free version (basic) of the Seobility suite allows you to create a web project that you can have analyzed once every 24 hours (the basic package allows a maximum of 1000 such analyses). It provides extensive analysis data as well as a percentage assessment in each case with regard to "Technology & Meta", "Structure" and "Content". You can also track the optimization progress of your website over time in a diagram.

LINK: Seobility Suite

Tip: If you work with Seobility, you should regularly perform an analysis of the complete website and then meticulously fix all the indicated deficiencies and follow the hints that the platform gives you with regard to SEO-relevant optimizations. Your goal should be to achieve at least an 80% optimization level.

Regardless of this, after logging in, you will also find tools for individual analysis in your Seobility dashboard, for which there are no restrictions. In particular, we would like to point out the SEO check, which you should run regularly for the website you are currently working on and also take the results to heart. Valuable are also the detailed explanations, which are deposited in the Seobility Wiki. Here you can learn everything important about SEO-relevant topics, but also about web design and online marketing, sorted by keywords. A regular look at it (even if it's just to "browse") could become a good habit...

LINK: Seobility-Wiki – Your knowledge database on SEO-relevant topics


The platform "SEORCH" is one of the most popular SEO services on the web. With the "Basic SEO Check" you quickly get information about the quality and performance of your website - also in relation to the selected keywords. You will also receive detailed tips on how to further optimize your website.

LINK: SEORCH – SEO-Crowler and Keyword Monitor


SEORCH also shows you in detail what can be improved on your website. In addition, the suite includes a larger number of specialized SEO tools such as a Google Ranking Check, keyword tools, website comparison tools (important if you want your website to outrank the competition) and a SERP snippet tool, to name a few.

Special Chrome browser extensions

Browser extensions for search engine optimization are particularly convenient to use. Among the many tools offered in the Chrome Web Store, only two will be briefly presented here. You should, however, explore the webstore yourself, because there are many more useful add-ons for web designers to discover.

SEO META in 1 Click

SEO META in 1 CLICK is a special tool that displays all meta tags and meta data of the current web page in the Chrome browser as well as the most important SEO information about it clearly in one window. Furthermore, a large number of special tools can be accessed via ETERNAL TOOLS, with the help of which the website can be analyzed and optimized in detail according to the most diverse aspects. This tool is ideal for assessing the SEO optimization status of the website already in the development phase.

LINK: Chrome Add-On „SEO META in 1 Click“


As an example of the multitude of SEO tools that are now offered as Chrome add-ons, SEOquake should be explicitly mentioned here. With its help, all important metrics of a website can be viewed very quickly and a complete SEO audit (including compatibility checks, link reports, keyword density, etc. pp.) can be initiated. With this small but powerful tool, web designers can get a quick overview of the optimization level of their project. And all this completely free of charge.

LINK: Chrome Add-On „SEOquake“

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