Create Websites with CHEETAH

Additional tools that are useful for working with "Cheetah“

Before we get fully into the "Cheetah" site builder in this book, we should point out a few tools or web platforms that you should use in any case and that we will also explicitly use in the examples. They are all suitable for our purposes in their free form. Useful browser extensions (concerning Chrome) will be discussed later in the respective context.

If you have not already done so, you should register now with the following web platforms:


A good idea is to embed images directly into a web page. A better idea is to keep your images centrally in a cloud storage and only link to them in your web pages. One such almost ideal cloud storage is "Cloudinary", which you should definitely use as a "Cheetah" web designer.

LINK: Cloudinary – store digital media in the cloud


Canva – "The" design tool

Also "Canva" is something you simply have to use as a web designer. This portal provides great features for free to create all kinds of graphics with and without captions. Just search for the best graphics, photos and fonts and then use Canva's drag'n drop tool to create your own stunning design. Since you can set templates yourself, you can use it quite excellently to create share images for websites created with "Cheetah" with just a few mouse clicks, for example. 

LINK: Canva – "the" platform when it comes to image design


Seobility – to keep an eye on search engine optimization

If you want your website to rank well for selected keywords after publication - that means preferably on the first and second page of a search engine like Google or Bing - you should already pay attention to an appropriate optimization with "Cheetah" during the website creation. For the beginning, the "SEO On-Page Reports" tool available in the PREMIUM plan is completely sufficient. But do not expect miracles with it. SEO is a science in itself. In order not to be at a loss here, you should take a closer look at the Seobility web portal. In the free basic version, you can crawl a domain defined by you once completely per day, while you can generally always analyze individual pages. The tool returns a detailed assessment of their optimization status in terms of technology, structure and content. Comments and hints go into detail about the problems found and give tips on how to avoid them. This tool is simply a "must have" for every web developer!

LINK: Seobility – optimize your websites for Google and Co


Furthermore, it is useful if you have an easy-to-use image editing program at hand (for example IrfanView) as well as a so-called "screen capture tool" to be able to quickly make screenshots. Among others, "Techsoft Capture" has proven to be very useful here.

Chrome Extensions

If you use the Google Chrome web browser (which is explicitly recommended for using the Builderall platform), then as a "web developer" you should also have a few browser extensions installed (found via the Google App Store). For this without comment just a few suggestions:

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