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Another interesting feature that you should not miss is the use of so-called "share images". In the case of "Cheetah", these are pixel graphics of the fixed dimensions 1200x628 pixels. After uploading, they are individually assigned to a website. You can see that this has worked by the fact that after loading such an image, the image is displayed once in the SEO settings and - and this is much more important - this image now also graces the web page in the page view. But that's not why shareimages are important. Suppose you publish the link of a web page equipped with a share image on Facebook, then the visitor will see there in the timeline exactly this "share image" and no longer the automatically generated link image.

Tip: Equip each of your web pages with a share image that is designed in such a way that one can learn something about the content of the corresponding web page from it alone. If it is planned to link the website in social media, then you should especially keep an eye on the "advertising effect" in terms of design, because the "image" should, after all, animate the viewer to click on it once with the mouse...).

By the way, the fastest way to create share images is with a corresponding template in "". Create a user-defined template there with the dimensions 1200x628 pixels and use the diverse design options of this tool, which is ideally suited for this purpose.

Note: To also assign a share image to the entire website in the website overview ("All Websites"), click the "Edit Share Image" icon in the center of the page view:

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