Create Websites with CHEETAH

Important settings for the whole website (3)

Canonical Link

Important: Builderall uses as "Canonical Link" your web address without www. as prefix. So if you make your website known on the web, then for SEO reasons you should always link or announce the address without "www.", i.e. "" instead of "".

Of course, you can disconnect your website from the connected domain at any time. You can find the corresponding function in the 3-point menu of the website or - in its page view - in the left side menu under "Disconnect Domain". Afterwards you can reach the website (if published) only via its Builderall subdomain name.

Managing domains and subdomains with Builderall DNS Manager

The Builderall DNS Manager is a special administration tool for your domains, with which you can check their settings in detail and, if necessary, delete the registered domains again. In addition, this tool allows you to create e-mail addresses for each domain registered and active here, as well as to purchase additional connections, should the ones included in the PREMIUM package (15 pieces) become insufficient at some point.

Note: In order for DNS Manager to be visible in the Dashboard, it must be installed beforehand via the "Install more apps" button.

The view is divided into four columns ("Name", "Connected", "Region", "Status"), a combo box with function selection and three additional buttons. Each row contains the data of a domain registered in Builderall. The top right of the display page shows how many domains you already have in use and how many are available to you in total according to the Builderall plan.

In the upper left part you will find a search function as well as a combobox "Extras", through which you can create e-mail addresses for each domain and purchase new domains (or - if necessary - new connections exceeding the PREMIUM plan).

Note: Each additional connection costs US $ 9 per month (as of 2021)

You can get all relevant information about a domain and its activation status by clicking the "Show details" button. In particular, you can check here which IP address is assigned to your domain and whether the correct name servers are also entered. "Circles" in traffic light colors indicate if there are any problems. If so, you will be offered special buttons for troubleshooting to the right.

The "Manage DNS" button takes you to the "Advanced Settings".

Important: You should only make changes in the "Advanced settings" of the DNS manager if you know exactly what you are doing. Otherwise, it can lead to service interruptions, for which you are then responsible!

Create email addresses for a selected domain

To create email addresses for a domain, access the "Access Email" function via "Tools" (top left in the DNS Manager), which opens a new tab in the browser that leads to the "Create Email" page in the Builderall dashboard:

Here you can select a domain in the left pane and then click on the "Create Email" button. With this you can now create the desired email address (a secure password is required):

If the e-mail address has been successfully created, this is confirmed by a special message and then the new mail address is listed on the left-hand side under the corresponding domain name.

Afterwards, you only need to register the new e-mail address in the e-mail client of your choice (e.g. Thunderbird) - and you can send and receive e-mails via it.

Example THUNDERBIRD: Select the item "E-mail" under "Accounts" - "Set up accounts". In the window that appears, all you need to do now is enter your name (or another identifier that should be displayed to the recipient), the e-mail address you just created, and the password you just assigned for this e-mail address in the corresponding field (RECOMMENDATION: It is best to check the "Remember password" checkbox). Then click on "Next" and shortly after (if no problems occurred) the new e-mail address is available in Thunderbird.

In principle, you can create as many e-mail addresses per domain as you need using the method presented here.

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