Create Websites with CHEETAH

Important settings for the whole website (2)

Important: Always enter scripts in the exact area of the SEO settings for which it is intended. This is relevant for the GDPR settings, as the classification of any associated cookies in the cookie categories that can be selected there depends on this, among other things.

The scripts that you enter at this point are stored in the header area of the website. Scripts that relate specifically to a particular website are referred to as "page scripts" and must be entered in the corresponding section of the page settings.

The favicon is the small icon that is displayed on the browser tab of the web page. It also appears in the bookmark list (favorites) and when saving a page. By default, this is the light blue Builderall logo for websites created with "Cheetah". However, you can easily replace it with your own logo at this point. It should have the dimensions 32x32 pixels and be in png or jpg format.

Set up your own domain and create subdomains

In Builderall, you can run your websites with your own domain ("web address"), which you acquire either directly through Builderall or through another domain provider. In doing so, you need to follow these steps:

  • Consider desired domain

  • Check availability (

  • Choose provider

  • Register domain

Below is a small list of domain providers that you can use to find a domain that is still available. Please note that after domain registration you will have to pay monthly fees as long as the domain is reserved or in use:

LINK: Selection of some domain providers (except Builderall)

Note: You can also purchase a domain directly from Builderall without any problems. When saving and publishing your website, a corresponding button will be offered, which will lead you directly to the search for a still free domain and to the domain registration:

If the domains included in your package are not enough, you can purchase additional domains. Furthermore, you can derive as many subdomains per domain as you like and use them for your own websites.

Once you have purchased a domain from an appropriate provider, you can assign this domain (or a subdomain of it) to your website created with "Cheetah" so that it can later be found and accessed worldwide via this web address.

Important: Before you can use your newly acquired domain, you need to change the name server address on your domain provider's site to

name server 1:

Name server 2:

In the case of the web hoster IONOS (formerly "1and1"), the entry should then look like this:

After waiting for a while, you can now assign the domain to your website. To do this, go to the website view of the "Cheetah" editor, select your website there and click on the 3-dot menu, where you will find the entry "Activate domain" (alternatively left side menu). A click on it opens a small window where you can enter either your top-level domain name (without "http://" or "https://" and also without "www.") or - as shown in the screenshot - a corresponding subdomain name:

Next, Builderall checks and confirms the entry (if there are no errors), which may take a minute or two. It may also take some time before the page is actually accessible on the World Wide Web (in the worst case, up to 48 hours).

Note: The https protocol is switched on automatically. You don't need to do anything yourself - except be patient (it can take several hours). It is best to check the following day whether your website is also accessible via "https".

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