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GDPR settings

As soon as your website uses cookies that are not exclusively necessary for the technical operation of a website, but serve advertising and market research purposes (i.e. tracking cookies, targeting cookies, analytics cookies as well as cookies from social media websites), the corresponding GDPR directive must be observed. According to this directive, technically necessary cookies may be set automatically without prior consent by the user, but not tracking or analytical cookies. In such cases, website visitors must explicitly consent before the cookies store non-essential data. For this purpose, the cookie banner is displayed at least when the website is visited for the first time. To make this happen without any problems (or programming effort), "Cheetah" offers a corresponding mechanism. It only has to be activated. This happens as soon as you click the "Activate" checkbox, which pops up when you select "GDPR Settings" in the left-hand side menu of your website:

At the same time, four additional function areas become visible, which you can use to directly influence the color and position of the corresponding display as well as the display texts. Especially the latter you should at least translate into German if you want to equip a German-language website with it.

Tip: Try to maintain a style that corresponds to your corporate design or matches the color scheme of your website homepage.

Furthermore, you can also activate and configure a so-called "Reset Cookies" button if it makes sense for your use case.

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