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Email marketing forms in conjunction with Mailingboss

With Mailingboss, all Builderall packages include an email autoresponder that can be used for professional email marketing. This chapter will primarily cover the "interface" website - Mailingboss and show how to create email marketing forms with the "Cheetah" Sitebuilder.

In the element selection of the "Cheetah" Sitebuilder, the section "Email Marketing Form" offers a number of input forms that explicitly allow a connection to Mailingboss.

They are used to collect email addresses according to the legally required double opt-in procedure, whereby the collected and confirmed email addresses are collected in special lists within Mailingboss. They can then be used for all types of marketing activities in accordance with the law.

Recommendation: Please take a closer look at the autoresponder "Mailingboss" before integrating email marketing forms ("Mailingboss forms") into websites. You should also create and configure the required mailing lists in Mailingboss beforehand. This procedure is cheaper and more transparent than defining a list directly via the input element in "Cheetah" (which of course also works). This tutorial therefore explicitly assumes that the mailing list to be associated with the input form is already available in Mailingboss.

Here you can see a screenshot of the wizard for setting up a mailing list in Mailingboss:

Which input fields are displayed in the form depends on which input fields in the selected e-mail list you have previously defined. You can freely design the appearance of the form as you see fit by varying the element properties in the right margin area or in the form's settings dialog.

In order to change the e-mail list assigned to the form, you have to click on the corresponding icon (cogwheel) in the header menu, whereupon the selection window provided for this purpose opens.

The concrete action to be performed on an entry in the form can be specified using the link icon in the Mailingboss form header menu. The following window will open:

Here you can add to each of the three Mailingboss events

assign a specific action. For this purpose, the standard link selection dialog of "Cheetah" opens, from which you can then select an action (e.g. change to a specific page or URL, initiate download, show popup etc.) as usual.

Note: Mailingboss forms are basic components of so-called sales funnels, which can be created very easily and effectively in Builderall. They can be used to effectively organize sales processes on websites or to optimize lead generation processes for sales initiation.

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