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Embed Twitter messages


You can also embed Twitter messages into your website. To do this, all you have to do is open the corresponding tweet in Twitter and then click on the small triangle at the top right. Then a menu will open, where you will also find the item "Embed Tweet". Clicking on it will then instantly take you to the page where the corresponding embed code will be generated automatically.

Once you have added it to the iFrame / HTML element, the tweet will appear on your website:

Create your own embed code

There are some services on the Internet that allow you to generate an embed code to a URL (for example, a journal article) that will result in a pleasing image on a web page. Such a service is, for example,, which also includes a free plan.

LINK: Generate your own embed code with embedly

To create a so-called "card", you only need to enter the corresponding URL in the input field provided. The service will automatically create the desired embed code from it:

And on your own website the generated "card" will look like this:

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