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What are the types of websites?

Not all websites are the same. If you surf the web, you can see many differences that make it useful to classify websites according to their purpose, complexity and structure. Essentially, six types crystallize when it comes to covering the most typical use cases in the commercial and private sectors. "Search engines", "databases", "software collections" and special web portals (like "Builderall" here) are certainly not among them. Such websites are usually planned for the long term and then implemented by a large number of professional programmers and web designers - so they are not for the simple website builder. This is about the types of websites that you can easily do yourself without in-depth IT knowledge, for example with a web building kit like "Cheetah" or a CMS like WordPress (now also available for "Cheetah"!). Before I go into a little more detail about the six, in my opinion, most essential website types, here is a small "determination key" for a first overview:

1  Do you want to market products or services via the Internet?

-> Online shop

2  Would you like to offer your customers a software tool (app)?

-> Web app

3    Would you like to publish editorial content on a regular basis?

-> Blog

4  Should the website primarily represent your business?

-> Corporate website

5    Do you pursue a very specific goal with the website (sales, lead acquisition)?

      5a  yes -> Landingpage

      5b  no, serves only a short presentation or announcements -> Microsite

Builderall or "Cheetah" is suitable for creating, maintaining and promoting all these types of web pages. But first, let's take a closer look at these page types and their purpose.

Online Shop

The primary goal of an online store is the direct sale of products and services. Their special feature is that such a store not only has to present its products in an appealing and promotionally effective manner. There is also a generally very complex ordering process behind it, including the payment process, which must be adequately represented by the website in a legally compliant manner. If you offer your own digital products, then you should consider using the "Builderall Marketplace" for their (international) marketing. If you want to market a very wide range of products online, then the "Magento" and "WooCommerce" platforms (the latter is only available for "Cheetah for Wordpress")are suitable for this, both of which are included in the Builderall portfolio. If, on the other hand, you only want to open a very special "minishop" on the Internet and sell your products through it on your own, then you can easily create your own online store with "Cheetah" and the "SuperCheckout" tool integrated into it. A special wizard even supports you in doing so.

Of course, you can also create a "store" where you showcase your products, but redirect to a professional platform like Redbubble, Etsy or Teespring (to name just three) to sell them. The website created with "Cheetah" is an example of this.

Note: In the Builderall Dashboard, under "START A NEW PROJECT", you will find a special wizard that allows you to create a complete web store ("Create a physical store") in just a few steps, based on a template of your choice.

Web App

Programming software applications that run directly in an Internet browser is not the domain of web building kits, because they require custom programming based on the API's provided by web services. It's a different story if you intend to develop apps for smartphones. Here Builderall provides you with the "app construction kit" in the PREMIUM plan. With this, you - e.g. as a restaurant operator - can develop a special smartphone app, which you then make available to your guests. Users of this app can then obtain regular information about their food and beverage offerings or upcoming events, or pre-order restaurant seats or event tickets. If you book Builderall's PREMIUM plan, you should definitely take a look at this useful app or even better, try it out for yourself right now. You will be surprised by the functional possibilities and the simplicity of the visual design of a smartphone app, and you may even get a taste for its development.

Blog / Digital Magazines

If your strength lies in content marketing or you simply enjoy sharing your knowledge with other like-minded people, then a blog or "magazine-style" website is a great way to do this. Blogs are designed to provide new content on a regular basis, which can even be written by multiple authors. With blogs, large groups of readers can be quickly captured - if the topic is suitable and new contributions are regularly posted. Particularly important here are also the interaction possibilities, which one makes available to the Blog visitor. The provision of a comment function is obligatory. And of course, a blog post should always be shareable on social networks to continuously expand the blog's reach. Here, you may be particularly pleased to know that "Cheetah" makes it comparatively easy to equip a website with a self-created blog. Because "Cheetah" provides all the building blocks you need for this as templates or as separate elements in its element selection.And if you prefer to set up a blog with WordPress (because that's exactly what this content management system was once developed for) - WordPress is also available in the PREMIUM plan to every user of the Builderall platform ("WordPress for Cheetah").

And now a few words about digital magazines. In Builderall's PREMIUM plan you will find the "Builderall Unlimited Magazine Builder", which allows you to create high-quality PDF magazines in a particularly simple way. You can then offer the PDFs for download on your website or embed them directly into a web page using an automatically generated embed code. This tool alone makes booking the PREMIUM plan worthwhile.

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