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The most important design elements at a glance (12)

Big Menus

More design options are offered by so-called "Big Menus", which consist of an actual menu line ("Big Menu Group") and a page area ("Page"), which you can design individually for each menu item. It is therefore a compound element. If you want to add new menu items, you have to click with the mouse pointer exactly on the upper edge of the menu line. Only then will the header menu appear with the "+" function, which you can use to add new menu items ("Items").

Each "item" itself (and thus the corresponding display area below it - called "container" in the settings) - can be clicked on separately, whereby a differently structured header menu now appears, via which you can, for example, re-sort the menu items (arrows) or configure each separately (pencil icon). With the clone symbol you create a new menu item at the end of the menu bar, which looks exactly like the selected one (by the way, a very useful function!).

Tip: Learn a bit about the item properties and the properties of the Big Menu Group to explore their many design options.

In contrast to a "classic" navigation menu, as we have just discussed, the "items" of a "big menu" explicitly do not have any linking options. You will have to implement these yourself - if necessary - in the container area, for example by providing buttons or images positioned there with appropriate links.

Note: In the mobile view, "Big menus" are converted to vertical menus. Here you should definitely make adjustments to the automatically generated design.

If you want the display areas of the menu items to all look structurally the same, then the following procedure is recommended:

Tip: For large websites, it is very time-consuming to create a navigation menu on every web page, which is usually even more time-consuming to maintain. In this case, you should use the option provided by "Cheetah" to create headers (and also footers) separately and then assign them explicitly to the individual web pages.

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