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The most important design elements at a glance (11)

So finden Sie z. B. einige Templates für komplexe Menüs in der Elementeauswahl unter „Big menu“:

Classical navigation menus


However, we will first deal with a decidedly simple menu structure here, which is offered in different preconfigured variants under "Navigation" and "Drip Menu" in the element selection:

There is little to consider here. The "optical" configuration is done as with any other element via the element settings. Here you can first define whether the navigation element should be created as a horizontal or vertical menu on the web page. After that, you can customize the size, color, spacing, shape, etc. of the buttons ("items") that make up the navigation element and, of course, the background of the overall menu.

The "items" (menu items) themselves, on the other hand, are created via a special editor, which is called up via the cogwheel icon ("Config item") of the header menu:

Here you can add new menu items ("+ Item"), delete items (recycle bin), edit items and insert submenu items ("+ Sub menu"), delete, edit and link (pen icon - new input dialog), link the menu item (link icon) as well as change the order of the items in the menu bar (move icons). Since the operation is largely self-explanatory, there is no need to go into further detail here. But don't forget to save your changes!

Here is an example of a typical "classic" horizontal navigation bar with submenus:

Note: In the mobile view, classic navigation menus are displayed in the form of burger menus. Here you should definitely make adjustments to the automatically generated design.

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