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The most important design elements at a glance (9)

Design elements - lines, arrows, vector graphics and icons

Horizontal and vertical lines are often needed as design or separator elements on web pages. For this purpose, the "Line" element, which at first glance appears to be quite simple, has been added to the "Cheetah" element palette. You can find it here as a horizontal line and as a vertical line, which you can drag onto your web page at any time, just like any other element in the side menu.

This line element is only a freely positionable and scalable line, which you can format in terms of color, line width and some other properties. The ends of the line can also be individually equipped with an arrow symbol.

Of course, you can also rotate such a line in any direction using the "Rotate anchor":

You may say that in general, compared to various "paint programs", "design elements" - for example in the form of geometric objects - are somewhat underrepresented in "Cheetah". But that doesn't matter, because such elements can easily be created with other graphical programs and inserted into a web page via an image element (or any other element that has an image container). Here it is recommended to pay special attention to the vector format .SVG. It has the advantage over a bitmap that it can be scaled without loss of image quality. The ideal program for creating high-quality vector graphics is the freeware "InkScape", which you can download using the following button:

LINK: Creating vector graphics with InkScape

This open source program is extremely comprehensive and powerful, so you will have to put some effort into learning how to use it optimally. But there are enough tutorials on the net and learning videos on "Youtube", so that nothing really stands in the way.

And, of course, there are also a large number of websites from which you can download free royalty-free vector graphics on any conceivable topic and use them in your own web projects. As an example, only the platform "unDraw" shall be presented here.

LINK: Royalty free vector graphics on the "UnDraw Platform".

If you have a choice, you should use vector graphics to illustrate your web pages whenever possible. This is because not only can they be enlarged or reduced as desired without any loss of quality, but they are also extremely compact and therefore load particularly quickly (which, by the way, is rewarded with "plus points" by search engines). Furthermore, you should only link such graphics on the website if possible and not embed them (keyword "Cloudinary").


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