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The most important design elements at a glance (8)

Before you configure this element, however, you should do a few preliminary tasks. For example, think about how many videos you want to display and compile a list with the corresponding links (e.g. Youtube) in a text editor. Furthermore, you need a thumbnail for each video, the ideal size of which is 320x180 pixels (it is best to use "Canva" or "IrfanView" to create them). They will be displayed later in the video selection bar.


Mushrooms in March

Butterfly ramie

Mushrooms in April

Edible morel

Mushrooms in May

St. George's mushroom

Mushrooms in June

Summer cep

For each mushroom mentioned in the list, a thumbnail of size 320x180 pixels was created and provided in a folder.

The configuration of the video gallery is done via the "gear icon" of the header menu. If you click on it, you can first define different categories. Here we just overwrite the only existing category with the label "Mushroom Worlds". After that, we click on the pencil icon to enter a dialog that configures the individual video labels and their associated videos. Here, too, we do not select "Add Video", but edit the entries already present in the element (again pencil icon). We now transfer the information we previously collected in the text file (i.e. label and video URL) to the dialog box via the clipboard and assign the prepared thumbnail to the entry:

When this is done for all four videos, we save the changes and look at the result in the editor first.

The overall appearance of the video gallery can also be freely designed here via the element's settings dialog.

Note: the Video Display Area has its own small button that will take you to its settings area.

What is still missing is the customization of the info section to the right of the actual video. But this is also very easy to do. First we delete the superfluous texts, the Builderall logo and the "Call-to-Action" button for each video entry, because we don't need them. And then we replace the main text with the name of the mushroom that the thumbnail shows. After that, we can also replace the main text with a suitable text.

As you can see, with this special element you can equip your website with a "mini-Youtube", so to speak. A conceivable field of application here are websites through which you offer online courses, for example, which you have organized into individual lessons (videos). But also a nature filmmaker can make video clips available to his visitors directly on his website, which he has previously uploaded to his Youtube channel.

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