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Linking and playing videos

Landing pages and sales pages in particular are increasingly taking advantage of the opportunity to address website visitors directly by means of a video. However, videos can also be used as pure design elements to visually enhance a website. The most common way to integrate videos into websites is to use Youtube videos, which you can both produce yourself and then upload to Youtube. However, it is also possible to link to any video that has been released for sharing on Youtube - which can be done legally without hesitation for videos that have been legally uploaded to Youtube.

LINK: Is it allowed to embed Youtube videos?

For embedding videos, the "Cheetah" sitebuilder currently provides four different elements in the "Video" section, which also correspond to four different video platforms on the web:

LINK:                       Youtube ->  

                                Vimeo     ->  

                                WISTIA    -> 

                                VIDELLO ->  

Embedding a video into a web page created with "Cheetah" is just as easy as embedding images, for example. After you have dragged the appropriate video element from the side menu of the site builder under "Video" onto your web page, you switch to the editing mode via its header menu. Only the properties listed under "General settings" are important here. In the link field, enter the URL of the corresponding video copied from the browser. Then you can specify from which point the video should start (time specification), whether it should start immediately when the web page is displayed ("Autoplay" function) and whether it should be shown as an endless loop ("Loop"). Furthermore, you can specify whether the player controls should be displayed or not. That's all there is to it. It has never been so easy to embed videos into a web page...


By the way, you can also arrange a video as a "sticky video" on your web page, i.e. it remains visible (usually - there are exceptions) even if you scroll the web page. You can reach the corresponding settings dialog via the header menu, where a special icon points to this function. Again, we recommend that you try this feature for yourself. You might find a cool way to use it.

There is also a video gallery in "Cheetah"...

This ingenious element is a unique selling point of "Cheetah". It allows - with many individual setting options - to display a larger number of videos together with descriptions and “call-to-action” buttons - in the form of a gallery on a web page. It is a compound object whose elements you can swap (or delete) as you wish and to which you can, of course, add other elements. It works in such a way that you can display in the upper area - divided into different categories - thumbnails, which are equipped with links to Youtube - videos, as in a picture gallery. If you then click with the mouse on one of the thumbnails, an area opens under the "gallery", in which the corresponding video (usually together with further information about it) is then displayed and played.

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