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How to integrate an image gallery into a web page?

Slideshows and image galleries always look good on a website, as they attract attention and thus invite you to stay. "Cheetah" provides some "galleries" elements for this purpose. First of all, these are nothing more than special image containers that are able to display the images they contain in the form of a "slide show" or in the form of a rectangular arrangement.

Slider Element

If you want to add a small slideshow with a few images to your website, the "Slider" element is perfect for this (first element in the category "Galleries"). Using it is very easy, but you should think about its use in advance. The image container can easily work with images of different sizes and proportions. However, it is better if all images of the slide show have the same dimensions, i.e. the same height and width (preferably exactly the same size as the slider element - see its settings in the category "Size").

Tip: Use the "" online platform to resize the images of your slide show to exactly the right size. There you can define your own template with pixel accuracy. Then drag an image file from your image folder into the template, scale it, and cut off the overhanging edges above the template as soon as you click with the mouse on an area outside the image. Then save the image, delete it from the template again and drag the next image file on top of it and repeat the whole thing... Of course, you can also label your "slides" at this point with Canva's text tool...

Once you have prepared all your images in this way and saved them in a folder, you can assign them to the image container (which you have previously positioned on your web page in the exact image size) of the "Slider" element. To do this, click the "+" icon ("Add Image") in its header menu, which will immediately open the image container with the thumbnails contained in it as an example:

You will see the delete icon for the images ("recycle bin") as soon as you touch an image with the mouse - now just one click on it and the image is gone. You can now delete all superfluous images except for one from the container. To add new images, click on the corresponding button in the upper right corner ("Add Image"), which will open the Builderall image repository you are already familiar with. There you first upload all your prepared images (in this example these are butterfly photos) and then transfer them one by one to the image container by selecting them and pressing the save button.

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