Create Websites with CHEETAH

The most important design elements at a glance (4)

To point 1: Open the properties window (or "Settings" marginal menu) of the image element and select the "General settings" category there. There you will find the button "Change image" under "Image". When you click on it, the Builderall Image Repository opens:

Here you can now upload your image via the "Select file" button or select one that already exists in the repository.

The repository consists of five areas, four of which (Images, Icons, Buttons, Gif's) contain a large number of royalty-free images and graphics that you can use on your web pages without restriction. The "User files" section, on the other hand, is your private repository, into which you can upload your own image files as you wish in the manner described above, as long as their file size does not exceed 4 MByte. At this point, by the way, it makes sense to briefly think about a sensible folder structure, because you can create any number of your own folders in one level in the user file area.

After uploading, the image will be displayed in the folder. If you touch it there with the mouse, four icons will appear. The first one ("Pen") is used to edit the image name. Here it is useful and important to give the image file a meaningful name, with which it can be easily found later on using the search bar at the top of the window. The second icon opens the image editor, which you can use to crop or rotate the image. But of course the editor can do much more - so take a look at it. The third icon ("Magnifier") finally opens the internal image preview and the fourth icon ("Trash") is used to delete the image from the Builderall repository.

Now, once you have selected an image, it will be marked by a blue border and the "Save" button will be unlocked. If you click on it now, the repository will be closed and the image in the image container in the web page editor will be replaced by the one you just selected. And that's all.

Note: Even if you delete the image from the repository afterwards, it remains visible on the website.

Now to point 2: Log in to "cloudinary" and change to the "Media Library". There you can create different folders as you know. This can be done e.g. topic-related or website-related and is up to you. In such a folder you put now the picture file (best by drag'n drop), which you would like to use on your web page. If this is done (or you have selected an already existing one), then mark the image with the mouse, whereupon the link symbol appears in the upper left corner:

If you click on it, then the image URL is automatically copied to the clipboard. Now switch back to the "Cheetah" web page editor and copy the image address with into the "External graphic" field of the image properties. Now just confirm with "OK" and the image will be displayed in the preview above as well as in the image object.

Note: Even if you subsequently delete the image in "cloudinary", it remains visible on the website.

And now the 3rd option. To do this, go to any web page that contains images and move the mouse pointer over it. Then open the context menu of the right mouse button and select the function "Copy image address". Here happens in principle the same as in "cloudinary" - the image URL is copied to the clipboard. If you now copy it analogously into the properties field "External graphic", the linked image then appears as expected in the image container on your web page.

Note: There is a danger in this procedure. If the website owner removes the selected image from his website or replaces it with another one, this will of course immediately affect your website.

Now you can go about positioning, resizing, rotating, or otherwise formatting the image. For example, you can add a border and a shadow to it, give it various animation effects and - via the header menu - even assign a link to the image, which will be branched to as soon as you click on it with the mouse.

Note: In the palette of "Image Elements" you can also find an “Image 3D” - Image object, which is characterized by a surprising animation effect. You should definitely try it out once...

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