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Texts and the organization of texts on web pages (4)

Animation effects for texts

Texts can be equipped with a variety of animations that can be used to achieve amazing effects on a web page. You can find the settings for this, including a preview, in the "Animation" category in the properties list of the text element:

Here you can specify in detail under which circumstances the animation should start (e.g. after time (in seconds), on click etc.), what kind of animation effect should be executed (collapsible box - be sure to try it out!) and how fast the animation should be executed. In the area below these settings, by the way, a preview of the selected effect is always displayed so that you can also see how it works before you apply it to your text.

Global and neutral fonts

Cheetah distinguishes between global and neutral fonts. Global fonts are always explicitly linked to a header or paragraph format, i.e. they are the fonts that you have defined for your website under "Global font settings". If you select a text on your website and open the text editor, you will find a drop-down box on the left that lists all global fonts, but also so-called "neutral" fonts. There is an important difference between the two that you need to keep in mind when using them. The advantage of the neutral fonts is first of all that you can set their attributes individually directly in the editor - both in the desktop and in the mobile variant.

Now, you might assume that text formatted with a global font looks the same on a web page as the same text formatted with a neutral font and the same font attributes (e.g., font style, font height, line spacing). However, this is not the case. Because there is a crucial difference that is not obvious at first sight. And this is related to the following fact. There are Internet users who have eye problems (e.g. long-sightedness etc.). They often try to reduce this handicap by, for example, changing the "Adjust font size and font style" setting in the "Appearance" section of the Chrome browser accordingly. And these changes only affect neutral fonts in Cheetah. So if you change the font size in the browser settings from "Medium" to "Very Large", for example, the text area on the web page may change in such a way that it is extended further down for reasons of space (the line spacing does not change, after all), which can lead to unwanted overlaps with elements located there. In short, the visual image of the web page suffers. Therefore the following tip:

Tip: Use neutral fonts on your website only in justified exceptions!

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