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Texts and the organization of texts on web pages (3)

When using - especially extravagant - fonts on a website, it is important to note that many fonts have to be licensed for a fee. Otherwise, you can quickly run into problems - similar to copyright-protected photos. But also with regard to fonts, there are enough royalty-free ones that can be downloaded for free from appropriate web portals.

A good starting point in this regard are the following sites:

And here you can buy fonts:

All of these sites are also good for browsing, since the fonts can be selected not only by their names, but also visually via categorized font samples.

Once you have found a font that suits your web project, all you have to do is download it to your computer. First of all, it is a good idea to create a new folder on the computer where the downloaded font files can be placed. Usually (e.g. at "") not the actual font file (recognizable by the extension ".ttf") is delivered, but a zip file containing the font file. In this case, the contents of this zip file must be unpacked into the font folder.

As an example, we will use the font "Black Hold", which is free for private use:

After you have downloaded the font and unzipped the zip file, you can install the font in the "Cheetah" Sitebuilder. To do this, open the font settings in the main menu of the editor again and click the "Upload your own font" button there. A largely self-explanatory dialog then appears, in which you only have to give the font a name (in this case "Black Hold") and then load the associated font file via a dialog. The installation takes place as soon as you click the "Save as Personal Font" button. That's all.

If everything has worked correctly, the newly installed font will now be available in the corresponding selection fields. "Personal fonts" are always listed at the end of the selection list:

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