Create Websites with CHEETAH

"Rapid Design" of a first website (5)

Final work and publication of the website

Before you finally publish the website on the World Wide Web, you should take a look at the individual settings of the individual web pages as well as the basic settings of the entire website. Are the web page titles coherent with the theme? Does each page have a description that is as SEO-compliant as possible (after all, it will be displayed as text in search engine results)? And for English pages, is the language setting set to "English"? Have you connected the website to its own domain or subdomain? If all this is the case, the website can finally be published on the Internet and promoted via social media, among other things.

Note: Please note that the mandatory SSL encryption does not take effect immediately. It may well take several hours before the https protocol is enabled for the website. So a little patience…

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