Create Websites with CHEETAH

"Rapid Design" of a first website (4)

Tip: Whenever you add a new web page to your website in Cheetah, you don't necessarily have to start with an empty web page, as you did here. Just scroll down once in the "Add New Page" dialog. There you will find the section "PAGE TEMPLATE". Here you can choose either a blank page (default), any other page from any (!) other website you created with "Cheetah" ("My Website") or a page template from Builderall's extensive template library. So if you already have an imprint page in your own website, just take this one as template. Then you won't have any work at all...

After you have saved the page and checked it in the preview, switch back to the homepage in the "Cheetah" website editor. There we still have to link the imprint on the footer. And that goes like this:

After "saving" the settings, the imprint link in the website footer is fully functional.

Customization of the mobile version

"Cheetah" automatically creates a mobile version in the background during the website design, which is already natively usable in most cases without major adjustments. You can access it by clicking on the smartphone icon in the main menu of the editor:

Usually, minor changes such as changing the width of text containers, rearranging elements on the bands and hiding elements not necessary in the mobile variant are enough to make the image more pleasing. Mainly, besides the header menu of elements (move vertically, hide), the "Advanced (and mobile)" category is used (try it out!).

The font sizes for the standard headers H1 to H6 as well as text paragraph should be set independently of the desktop variant of the website via the "Global font settings". However, the font size (and text alignment on mobile) can also be set individually for each text element via the Properties menu - "General Settings" section.

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