Create Websites with CHEETAH

"Rapid Design" of a first website (3)

In this case, the "cigar lover" and "e-mail marketing" lists already created in Mailingboss will be offered for selection. However, you can also create a new list specifically for this website from the dialog box. However, this requires that you have already gone through the Mailingboss signup procedure and have had Mailingboss verify your email address, which serves as the sender.

Here we select the list "cigar lover" created before in Mailingboss and then extend the footer band a bit, so that the input form is also displayed properly on it.

Note: Which input fields are displayed in the form and whether a GDPR-compliant data protection confirmation is also integrated in the form in the form of a checkbox is not explicitly defined in the input form itself, but in the course of the list configuration directly in Mailingboss.

For now, we'll dispense with redirects and the use of a reCaptcha and turn to the actual visual design options. As you already know, as with any other element, they are clearly listed in the properties area of the Mailingboss form, divided into categories. Here you should now "play around" a bit and explore the individual setting options. In the end, the footer could look something like this:

But even then the website is not finished yet, because the actual imprint and the privacy policy are still missing. And exactly for these we need another web page, which we will link after creation with the imprint label of the footer.

To conclude this chapter, a few words about the "Save" function, which is offered for selection in the editor in two modes - "Not now" (with a countdown counter) and "All clear". By default, you should always select "Not now" if your website is not ready yet, if you do not want to update an already published website immediately (which might cause irritation to a visitor) or if you do not want to try out the full functionality of the website yet. If you select "All clear", your website will be published and will be visible worldwide via the subdomain automatically assigned by Builderall (or your domain, if you already have it up) within a few seconds. Under which domain / subdomain the website is then accessible is shown to you in a dialog box.

There you will also find a button that allows you to open the published web page in your browser under a new tab. You can also add your own domain here, which you have already purchased or which you can purchase directly from Builderall.

Create imprint page and link in footer

A web presentation usually consists not only of a homepage, but of a multitude (sometimes "hundreds") of subpages, which are linked together according to certain aspects. In "Cheetah", too, you can of course create as many subpages as you like in addition to your homepage - for example, for imprint and privacy policy. And this is exactly what we want to do now.

To create a new subpage, you have to switch to "My Website" (Excellent Cuba Cigars) in the "Cheetah" website editor. There you can then create a new subpage via the "Add new page" button. In the dialog that pops up, give the subpage a name and a title and a search engine relevant description (you can of course do this later). In our case we call the page "Imprint and Privacy" and the title "Imprint". After saving, a new page will be displayed in the web page view. Before we edit the page, however, we call up the page settings once again via the three-point menu and edit the field "AddressimpressumURL" -> "impressum".

Now you can save the settings and click on "Edit page". Afterwards you insert an empty band into the still empty editor, which should then contain the imprint text and the privacy policy. The rest is easy (with the "imprint" you don't necessarily have to pay attention to beauty). Either you use the text template of the band or (better) after deleting it from the right side menu you drag suitable text templates onto the banner and then insert the headline and the imprint text. After that, you only need to format it accordingly using the text editor and arrange it on the banner in a pleasing way with the mouse. The same applies to the privacy policy, but you have already written it or had it created by a corresponding "generator" on the net (e.g. Recht24). In this case, the data is pasted into the editor via the clipboard. In the end, the page could look like this, for example:

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