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Web pages are built in "Cheetah" from banners (4)

How to add design elements to a banner

In the "Cheetah" Sitebuilder you have a huge number of native and also already assembled to functional units design elements at your disposal, which you can find all sorted into meaningful categories in the side menu under "New" - "Elements". Just click on one of the categories (for example, "Image"), and all the elements available under this category will be listed below each other:

Now you just need to select one of them and drag'n drop it onto the desired banner. Then you can use the mouse or the properties settings (click the pencil icon in the header menu beforehand) to set the position, as well as size and rotation angle (if it makes sense for the element) and change its properties such as color, border, animation effects, etc. pp. so that they correspond to your ideas.

This procedure is the same for all elements and will become second nature to you very quickly.

Note: To change the properties of a focused element, the right margin menu does not necessarily have to be displayed. In this case, it is sufficient to click the right mouse button. In response, a freely positionable settings window then opens, in which you can adjust the element properties in the same way as in the edge menu.

It often happens that you need an element again. Then simply use the function "Clone element" in the header menu of the corresponding element. As the name suggests, this function creates an exact copy of exactly this element, which you then only have to reposition. By the way, for element containers (i.e. especially boxes), their contents are always cloned as well.

The usefulness of "Cloning elements" lies in the fact that all the properties that have changed since the original are copied 1:1. Otherwise you would have had to set them again - a work that you can save in this way...

Of course, you can also clone entire banners. But these are immediately attached to the end of the web page, from where they can only be moved to the desired vertical position via "Order Panels" in the banner properties.

Note: You can also copy a focused element completely to the clipboard with , and then paste it back into the web page elsewhere with .

Aligning elements

When it comes to accurately aligning such an element on the web page, there are several techniques available for this purpose. Let's start with the header menu. There you will find the icon for "Center". If you click on it, the corresponding element will be centered exactly in its "container". This can be the banner, but also, for example, a box on which you have placed the selected element.

To try this out for yourself, you should next place a "box of your choice" on the banner and then a "button of your choice" on the box:

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