Create Websites with CHEETAH

Web pages are built in "Cheetah" from banners (3)

You may now ask - "What's the point? The page background is covered by the banners above it and therefore invisible". This is also true. But a banner itself - as already briefly mentioned - can definitely be made transparent. To do this, place a banner on a page with a previously assigned background image and switch to the "General colors" category in the banner properties. Below the "Rainbow Palette" you will find a kind of "slider switch" that allows you to adjust the transparency of the banner continuously from "completely transparent" to "completely opaque".

In this context, another important property of a banner should be pointed out immediately. It consists of an "outer background" and an "internal background". You can see this if you switch to the "Internal background" category in the banner properties and play a bit with the transparency slider there. Usually, however, you will assign a "General Color" and an "Internal Color" to a banner, or leave both colors the same. By the way, the "internal area" is explicitly indicated by a thin blue line when the mouse touches a banner, or is bordered by a thickly framed light blue rectangle as soon as you drag an element from the elements palette of the right margin menu into this area. Because this "internal area" has a quite important meaning and in "Cheetah" also a fixed width - 1140 pixels (= "page content width" in desktop mode). Therefore, you should definitely make sure here that you always arrange texts, images, videos, iFrames etc. within this "internal area" if possible, in order to ensure from the outset that they will also be fully displayed later in all screen resolutions.

Regardless of the transparency, you can give an individual color to a banner both as a whole and only its internal area. Yes even the assignment of a background image or a video are possible without any problems, which by the way results in a lot of interesting design possibilities...

Note: In mobile view, all page areas outside the internal background are truncated (does not apply to edit and preview modes).

The transition from one banner to another can also be included in the website design. The category "Banner Separators" provides a large number of color-configurable "separators" equipped with various animation effects, each of which unfolds its effect at the bottom of a banner:

Here, too, you should try out the individual "separators" and their configuration options at your own leisure to get an overview of the visual effects that can be achieved with them.

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