Create Websites with CHEETAH

Web pages are built in "Cheetah" from banners (1)

To be able to follow the following explanations, please first create a new website "Exercise 1" from an EMPTY PRESET and open its automatically generated homepage in the "Cheetah" website editor.

As we have just explained, each website created with the "Cheetah" web building kit consists of a corresponding number of band areas arranged among each other, which are called "banners". The great advantage of this is that "Cheetah" already offers a very large number of professionally designed banners to choose from, each of whose elements (image, video, text, button, structural elements, etc.) can be customized by you. This concerns not only their size and position, but in principle all properties that make sense with the corresponding element. And, of course, the elements can be duplicated or the banner can be supplemented with new elements that were not present in their original version.

Such banners can already be very elaborately designed natively. And as we have already seen when working with website templates, each element on the banner template can be moved, resized, and of course deleted at will. And, of course, you can add other elements to the banner yourself from the element selection of the right margin menu at any time. And the use of banners makes sense, of course, because it can be used to structure a web page very quickly: A header with main menu, an introduction area with a meaningful headline, then various content areas, then a contact area with contact form and lastly much-perhaps a footer with imprint and with access to social networks. Whether you start with blank banners or select appropriate banners from the banner selection is of course up to you. And of course you can also save your own banners, created by you in your very specific corporate design, as a "template" and then use them again and again in the same or in other web projects, which can possibly represent an enormous workload and time saving.

As you have probably already noticed, the banner templates are functionally organized in the side menu. Here you can find categories like "1st Fold", "Business Banners", "Call to Action", "Contacts", "Header", "Footer", "Content", "Pricing Tables" etc. pp. Just go through these categories and load one or the other banner into the editor workspace with a click. Just click on it in the side menu and it will be added to the end of your website.

Just like any other element in the Cheetah web kit, banners have a small header menu, which becomes visible as soon as you focus on it in the editor (simply click on it - but you must not catch any element lying on the banner). You can delete the entire banner at any time using the "trash can icon" and duplicate it as desired using the "clone icon".

Note: The "header menu" of a banner or an element becomes visible as soon as the banner or the corresponding element is "focused" (i.e. clicked) in the editor.

If you look closely, you will see a small blue circle at the bottom edge exactly in the middle. If you "touch" it with the mouse and hold down the left mouse button, you can easily and continuously change the height of the banner. If, on the other hand, you want it to be pixel-precise, then you will find the "Size" category in the banner properties settings area (if necessary, click on the "Pencil icon" in the banner's header menu beforehand). Here you can enter the banner height in pixels directly, use the slider or, for fine tuning, use the "up and down" buttons of the input element.

Because you can change the height of a banner at any time, it is no longer a problem, for example, to enter new text or insert additional elements later. If there is not enough space for this - simply increase the banner height. In the past, this might have required moving all the elements below the text on the web page, which could quickly become a Sisyphean task on long web pages. In "Cheetah", the underlying banners are simply moved down as well. And that was it.

Let's say you want to create a website that consists of a promotional "introduction area" = "business banner", a "call-to-action" area, an area where your team introduces itself, and a footer. Then "rapid webdesign a la' Cheetah" looks like this: You choose a suitable "1st Fold" or "Business Banner" in the banner selection, then from the category "Call to Action" a matching design, then the same from the category "Team" and finally a matching footer, where you transfer the respective selected banner by mouse click immediately into the designer. And now you can start - as you have already seen when using a complete website template - to customize the banners and the elements on top of them according to your ideas.

So if you want to quickly create a simple website - e.g. for a restaurant - with the possibility that potential guests can always be informed about the daily offers via newsletter, then simply select the banner "Restaurant Banner 3" under "Business Banners" and then the footer banner "Express Footer". And look, the result already looks quite decent:

And if you now look at the smartphone view in the preview - really almost perfect!

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