Create Websites with CHEETAH

A first look at the drag'n drop sitebuilder "Cheetah“ (11)

In addition, you can make a whole number of adjustments here, the "exploration" of which we would like to leave up to you.

When everything is done, you can now publish your website. The "PUBLISH NEW" button is used for this purpose. By the way, you can undo this step at any time using the red "CANCEL PUBLISHING" button.

But under which Internet address is the corresponding website now accessible to everyone? You can find out, for example, if you go back to the web page view of your website and click on "Call website" from the 3-point menu on the homepage. Then you will see the page with the current URL in a new browser page. However, if you want (which makes sense) the website to be visible on the Internet under its own domain that you have purchased, you must explicitly set up a domain or publish the website as a subdomain of a domain that you already own. You will find the corresponding function either in the left margin menu of the website view or on the website overview of the "Cheetah Sitebuilder" in the "3-point menu" of your website "BARBER SHOP" under the menu item "Switch on domain". Please note, however, that it only works in the PREMIUM plan and there only if you have not yet exhausted your quota of own domains depending on the plan. Otherwise you have to make do with a Builderall subdomain or with the subdomain of one of your own domains.

Note: Using your own domain (which you can purchase for little money right now at Builderall) is an excellent reason to upgrade to the PREMIUM plan, by the way.

Note: Keep in mind that your website is not visible to anyone via its URL until you have explicitly published it.

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