Create Websites with CHEETAH

A first look at the drag'n drop sitebuilder "Cheetah“ (6)

The boxes on this template contain not only texts, but also "buttons". Among other things, they have the ability to trigger certain events when pressed with the mouse, such as a branch (link) to another web page, the popping up of a popup menu or the download of a file, to name just a few examples. By the way, you can easily recognize elements that have this capability by the link symbol in their header menus. Image elements also belong to this category.

To change the caption of such a button, simply focus on it and switch to the "Caption" or "2nd caption" area in the side menu if you want to add a second, perhaps differently formatted text to the button.

In addition to the actual text, you can also change the font, font size and various font attributes, set the text alignment on the button and much more (e.g. the selection of a special icon from the icon library of Cheetah). By the way, you can follow the respective adjustments quasi in real time in the editor!

On the middle boxes of the banner currently being edited there are explicit product images (i.e. the images are separate and not background images of the box). If you focus on one of them, you can read the element identifier "Image" in the header menu, i.e. in "Cheetah" the header menu always shows the name of the respective element type. Of course, you have to replace this image again with your own image, which you have to prepare and upload to the image repository beforehand - just like we did with the "logo". So try it out! As you can see, it's as easy as pie.

Now let's move on to the next banner. We would like to assume here that we do not need this banner on our website. So we will delete it with all its elements on it in one go. To do this, we need to focus it first. But that's not so easy to do here, because it's completely covered with boxes. But that's not a real problem, of course. Just click on the upper area of the left box (so as not to focus the image lying on it) and then move it a little bit down and to the right with the mouse (which you can also do with the cursor keys, by the way). Then click in the shared area and the "Banner" header menu will appear. There you will find the "Recycle bin" on the far right and in signal red. And exactly there you can now sink the entire banner with all its elements arranged on it. One click on it and after answering a security question it will disappear immediately. By the way, you can find such a "recycle bin" in the header menu of all elements. And now you know what it is for. But remember - gone is gone.

But there is another possibility in "Cheetah" to make a banner, a box or any other element disappear without it being irretrievably lost. This function is called "Hide Element" and is iconographically represented by a crossed-out eye. And let's try out this function right here. To do this, we focus on the subsequent banner, which contains a message form, and then click on the "crossed-out eye" in the header menu. As expected, the banner behaves like a deleted banner - it disappears. But not completely. Because take a look at the upper main menu bar of the editor. There you will also find an "eye". As soon as you click on it, a list with all hidden elements of the web page displayed in the editor will open. And if you touch an entry in it with the mouse, the corresponding element (in our case the complete banner) will be displayed in the editor again. But to bring it back to life completely, you need to click again on the "eye" in the selection, which you can see to the right of the element identifier in the list. And the corresponding element will be visible on the web page again.

The banner, where we have just practiced "hiding", contains only a short text (please change to "AGREE DATES"!) and a complete contact form. As you can see, in "Cheetah" you don't need to tediously compose contact forms field by field. In "Cheetah" you only need to customize a contact form already provided as an element according to your wishes. And that's exactly what we want to do now.

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