Create Websites with CHEETAH

APPENDIX „Cheetah für Wordpress“

The "Cheetah WordPress Drag and Drop Website Builder" is an intuitive site builder based on the "Cheetah Sitebuilder Builder" presented in this book. It is an integral part of the PREMIUM plan and Builderall Funnel Club, together with the "Unlimited WordPress Professional Installation" product, and allows creating WordPress websites with all the advantages of the "Cheetah" sitebuilder, without giving up the many WordPress widgets available on the market. The installation of WordPress is done from Builderall and is largely automated.

Here is a brief list of some of the features

and much more!

Native elements currently (Oct 2021) offered in "WP Cheetah Sitebuilder" are as follows:

In addition to this, you can of course use the Builderall specific Pro elements within WordPress. These include.

With the Cheetah WordPress Drag and Drop Website Builder, there's no reason not to move from WordPress to Builderall. This alone will save you a lot of separately paid tools whose counterparts are already integrated in Builderall (just think of Mailingboss, the webinar software as well as the Booking SuperCheckout system).

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