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The fast way to a cost-neutral PREMIUM plan

If you are serious about digital marketing, for example to market your own products as a vendor or to earn commissions as an affiliate, you can't avoid Builderall's PREMIUM plan. If you compare the performance and the range of functions (currently more than 30 apps!) with the packages of other providers such as "Click Funnels", "GetResponse" and "Wix", then you immediately realize that its monthly price is virtually a "bargain price". For "Click Funnels" alone, you pay $297 per month in the PLATINUM version, which is comparable to the Builderall PREMIUM plan, with significantly fewer apps available. Even "GetResponse", which is mainly designed for email marketing, is significantly more expensive than Builderall in the professional plans - although this program package is perhaps most comparable to Mailingboss. The €89 plan is limited to a maximum of 1000 mail recipients per month. If you want to send more mails per month, it will be more expensive accordingly (up to 515 € for a maximum of 100,000 recipients).

The PREMIUM price of Builderall in Germany is 59,90 € per month (as of July 2021, subject to change). You can push this price down to zero and even earn (open-ended) money by recommending Builderall to others. Because eBusiness4us offers an ingenious affiliate program with a so-called leverage effect, with which everyone who joins this program can earn money by referring the paid Builderall plans.

The revenues you generate from the brokerage of Builderall plans result from a commission model that is very easy to understand: Each successful brokerage of a Builderall pact is remunerated once at 100%. This means, for example, that if you broker the Premium package at €89.90 per month, you will receive this €89.90 as a one-time commission. But that is not all. Every additional month that the Builderall user you refer uses the package, you earn 30% of the monthly rental price as an ongoing commission, in this case €26.97 - and that's until the customer cancels the Builderall package again (and that's unlikely if he uses it to build his websites). If your customer likes Builderall and starts to offer Builderall packages as an affiliate, you will receive 30% of the rental fee for each new customer you refer to Builderall, i.e. you will earn money from your customer's success in another level. This should be an incentive to encourage your customers to become afffiliates themselves and to strive for a lasting, friendly cooperation. Because Builderall is not about becoming a user or partner, it's about building a lucrative business.

In short, if you refer four more customers for the PREMIUM package and they stick with it, then from that point on the PREMIUM package is cost-neutral for you, i.e. it is financed solely by the monthly commissions from these four customers.

And what do you have to do to join the affiliate program? Nothing, actually. By purchasing a Builderall plan, you have actually already done everything. You will find the "Affiliates" section in your dashboard, where all the features are clearly offered. The video also explains in detail how the program works and what you need to do to participate in it.

As you can see, there is no reason to miss out on the many features and apps of the PREMIUM plan. With this in mind - have fun with the Sitebuil-the "Cheetah" and the many other tools in the Builderall plans!

Note: Builderall changes prices from time to time. Please refer to their homepage for the currently valid prices and affiliate terms.

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