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What tools and features does the PREMIUM plan offer? (3)

SMS Messaging

Send mass text messages to a large number of recipients at once with the SMS messaging app. Say goodbye to painstakingly delivering messages to their recipients one after another...


With this tool, you get the ability to create chatbots without using Facebook. Thus, without relying on Facebook, you can equip their website with this powerful text-based dialog system. It's really worth taking a look at.

Facebook Chatbot

As we all know, chatbots can be used to create and automate entire conversations - for example, using Facebook Messenger. Skillfully used, this handling is ideal for marketing and sales purposes. The chatbot included in the Builderall platform can, for example, fully replace "ManyChat", which is available for a fee in the Pro version.

Smartphone app builder

With the Builderall App Creator, you can create smartphone apps yourself in an amazingly simple way and without explicit programming knowledge, and then publish them in the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store or the Amazon App Store, or sell them as a digital product through them.

WordPress Site Builder

As a web designer, why not use the WordPress integration available in the PREMIUM plan to create and publish your websites or blogs as usual - this time in Builderall?

Builderall Video Hosting

You have recorded videos that you want to display on your web pages? Up to now, nothing has gone past Youtube or Vimeo. But what if you don't want to trust these hosters with your videos? Then simply use the Builderall Video Hosting - System, which comes with its own viewer equipped with a variety of interesting additional features.

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