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What tools and features does the PREMIUM plan offer? (1)

What follows now can only be a list. If you are seriously thinking about earning money via the Internet with the production and distribution of digital products or earning commissions as an affiliate via product brokerage, then you should ever definitely consider the PREMIUM plan. What you get for a comparatively low subscription price (which, by the way, you can push down to zero by recruiting more Builderall subscribers) is simply enormous. Some tools have already been mentioned such as the Mockup Studio, the OnPage SEO Tool and the Magazine Editor. And these are only three of now more than forty that are included in the Premium package and various bonus packages.

So here is a short and by far incomplete list:

Builderall Webinar Builder

Create interactive webinars with streaming options, screen sharing, webinar recording and much more. Organize live streams on Facebook and YouTube with Builderall's ingenious webinar builder!

Floating videos

How about surprising your website visitors with an animation created with Builderall's exclusive floating video technology? It really only takes minutes to create a "Floating Video" - and without expensive professional equipment...

Animated VSL Video Builder

A video editor for creating animated videos is also part of the Builderall platform, which helps to create great videos for marketing purposes. With it, you can create your own avatars that, for example, personally greet visitors to your website or that you can use for promotional purposes on social networks. A variety of templates makes it easy to get started with this tool, which is interesting in several respects.

Professional Messenger Chatbot

Automate your communication with potential customers, business partners and prospects using Builderall Messenger chatbot!

Instagram Autoresponder

Builderall Instagram Autoresponder is a special automation tool that will help you attract Instagram followers to their social media posts. And never make your followers wait for a response from them again!

Video Wrapper

Explicitly enrich your videos with texts and images. Using Builderall's built-in video wrapper, you can create amazing and attention-grabbing videos within minutes.

Social Proof

With the Social Proof tool, website owners can elegantly increase conversion rates, highlight special offers, show website viewers their recently purchased products as well as track consumers of their website.


Use Builderall Telegram messaging by creating fully automated messages and bots to promote your products and services.

Script generator

The script generator tool helps them collect even more leads for effective conversion through engaging promotional messages. If you have ever struggled with copywriting, then you should take a closer look at this script generator.

eLearning Platform

With the e-learning app integrated into the Builderall platform, you can embed a complete virtual learning platform into your website. It offers all the functions you need to build courses / lectures consisting of several lessons. These in turn can consist of HTML texts, pdf documents or even video sequences. Embedding the learning platform into a "Cheetah" website is possible without any problems.

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