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Set up virtual assistants

With the VA app - where "VA" stands for "Virtual Assistant" - Builderall offers a very elegant way to implement a kind of "teamwork". In concrete terms, this means that you can, for example, enable your employees to use Builderall tools via their own access (identified by the corresponding e-mail address) without these people themselves having an account with Builderall. Also, a customer can grant you - quasi as a "service provider" - limited access to their own Builderall account using this technology. The following two scenarios are therefore conceivable:

To set up VA access, you need to go to the Builderall virtual office and start the "VA Access" tool from the "Apps" menu in the "Other" section:

Via the "Add" button it becomes part of your dashboard, where you will find the app as a tile at the very end:

To create a new virtual assistant, click the "Open" button here and in the list view that then appears (which is empty at the beginning, of course) click the "+ New" button:

As a reaction, a dialog box opens where you enter the name of the virtual assistant. As soon as you have done this, a new line is created in the list view:

Next, let's take a closer look at the "Edit tools" link. Clicking on it opens a list of all the tools available in Builderall. Here you just have to tick the tools you want the virtual assistant to have access to. In this example, these are the Mailingboss autoresponder, the SMS messaging tool and the Quiz Builder:

This selection is also logged in the list view:

Note: By the way, you can use the "Show" link to hide the share list and show it again if needed.

Furthermore, you can temporarily activate or deactivate the VA access of the selected virtual assistant at any time via the corresponding button. Further buttons allow to view the logs of the virtual assistant, to change its name if necessary (pencil icon) or to delete it permanently (recycle bin).

In order for the virtual assistant to log into Builderall, it needs two pieces of information. Firstly, the email address of the corresponding Builderall account and secondly, the individual access key, which can be found in the list view in the VA Access app. He then only needs to enter these two pieces of information in the login mask (check the "Are you a Virtual Assistant?" checkbox!) and he will be taken to his dashboard with the unlocked apps.

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