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A quiz as a lead magnet and marketing booster (5)

Embed a quiz in a Cheetah web page

A quiz is a great way to attract visitors to a landing page (or to a website in general). The best way to do this is to embed a quiz created with Builderall Quiz Builder directly into a web page. And exactly this is explicitly supported by Cheetah. Namely, in its element selection you will find the category "Quiz" with a corresponding element, which you just have to drag and drop into the editor as usual and then configure.

As soon as this is done, a small window with a drop-down box will pop up, listing all your published quizzes:

Here you only need to select the desired quiz and adjust the properties of its container according to your wishes. By the way, you can call up the selection dialog just presented via the header menu (cogwheel symbol) at any time and change the quiz.

Note: Configure the quiz container separately for the desktop view and the smartphone view and check the result both in the preview and on the website shared on the network. Pay special attention that no scroll bars are displayed if possible.

Note: You can of course also use an iFrame directly. You can get the necessary embed code in the "Quizzes" view in the quiz builder via the 3-dot menu of the corresponding quiz tile by selecting the "Share" menu item.

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