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A quiz as a lead magnet and marketing booster (4)


Finally, you explicitly define the appearance, i.e. the "style" of the quiz. For this purpose, the quiz builder provides you with differently designed templates ("themes"). Here you can choose one that suits your quiz and also customize it using the drop-down boxes on the right. This primarily concerns the color design. The arrangement of texts, the image and the "Call to Action" button, on the other hand, is predefined by the quiz builder. In our case, we choose the theme with the dark background as the style template:

What is important for our example is the coloring of the "Item active", "Wrong item" (i.e. wrong answer = "red") and "Correct item" (i.e. correct answer = "green") buttons used in the quiz. And that's it. The quiz can now be tested... (Attention: Don't forget to save!)

Link generation and test

The quiz you create is automatically hosted on Builderall at the URL https: // followed by your Builderall username. It is identified by a unique cryptic string, but you can replace it with your own name (pen symbol). In our example, this is "tagfalter".


You can now use this link to share the quiz on various social networks and blogs or to link it on your websites. You can also try it out right away via the button with the "eye symbol". However, it is a condition that you have published the quiz before. This is done by the button on the top right of the web page in combination with the "PUBLISH" button.

Note: You should also press the "PUBLISH" button after each save operation so that the changes are also visible on the web.

Results page

If the quiz has been published and has already encouraged some visitors to try it out, you will certainly want to know how many visitors have seen it, how many visitors have gone through it completely and - if a Mailingboss connection has been implemented - how many leads it has generated. But also in terms of content, there are many key figures for evaluation that could well be of importance to you. These include, for example, the percentage distribution of the answer alternatives to a given question as well as the information on each individual response to the quiz.

All this information is clearly arranged on the result page of the quiz.

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