Create Websites with CHEETAH

A quiz as a lead magnet and marketing booster (3)

Results page

The result page is the page that pops up at the end of the quiz. In its simplest form (as in this example), you only need to click the "+ ADD RESULT" button once to make this page functional. A result box will then be generated, which you can then open and which contains all the setting options.

Two result types are proposed here first:

Text with description (we choose this for our example).

Redirect - here you can redirect the visitor to a specific URL = web page that you have created with Cheetah, for example.

Each of these choices leads to a different input mask.

In the field "Result title" you enter the title of the result page. If you want, you can also place a detailed text below it. Enter this text in the editor in the "Result description" area. Below this, the image is displayed, which you can upload from the Builderall image repository in the "File" area in the format 600x300 pixels.

And now comes another interesting feature, with which you can turn the quiz into a "sales page". To do this, set the "Show Button" setting to "On" and give the button a suitable text. Then, when the visitor clicks that button, you can redirect them directly to a Cheetah page or to a URL (that references a landing page, for example). In the case of our "Butterfly Quiz", this is a web page created with Cheetah, through which the visitor can purchase the printed version or an eBook variant of the book "Things to Know about Butterflies".

Of course, the visitor who has solved the quiz wants to know how many of his answers were "correct". He gets this information via the "Score" entry. In this case, you must enter "1" as the minimum value and "72" as the maximum value, which corresponds exactly to the number of quiz questions. For example, if the visitor has answered 56 of the 72 questions correctly, then the score value 56/72 will be displayed as the result. And that is already an exceptionally good result for this truly not easy butterfly quiz.

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