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A quiz as a lead magnet and marketing booster (2)


The quiz is to display photos of native butterflies whose name is to be selected from a list of four specifications. Correct answers are displayed in "green", incorrect ones in "red" (color of the clicked selection). Each correct answer leads to one point. The result is displayed in the form of "achieved score to maximum achievable score". At the end of the quiz, there is then the option to switch to the landing page of the eBook "Wissenswertes über Schmetterlinge", where an interested party can then immediately purchase this eBook. The quiz is to be distributed in this example primarily as a link in social networks. Of course, it can also be directly a part of the landing page of the mentioned eBook.


This page consists of four sections. In the "Quiz" section, you can create the appearance of how the link will be displayed in the feed of a social network (e.g. Facebook) after it has been entered. Here you can enter the title and a short description, if any. But the most important thing is the corresponding image. It should therefore be optimized first and foremost in terms of "advertising effectiveness".

The second section represents the "cover", so to speak the entrance page of the quiz. This is the page that contains the button that starts the quiz. The cover title serves as the headline. This is followed by the description entered here and below that the image associated with the cover. At the very bottom is the start button, whose label you can also explicitly define here.

Under "Settings" you can explicitly specify whether correct answers should be displayed, whether the quiz can be started again at the end of the quiz (button) and - very importantly - whether certain share buttons are offered at the end of the quiz, via which the user can further distribute the quiz. Which share buttons these are as well as the corresponding texts you can select or define yourself at the end of the section.

And in the last section "Leads" you configure the Mailingboss connection. To do this, however, you must have previously created a corresponding list in Mailingboss, which you can then select here from the drop-down box. If you want to use the quiz primarily for lead generation, then you can make the appropriate settings here. For this example here, however, that is not intended, as this is about selling an eBook. Finally, of course, you need to save all the settings.

Create questions

You can assign as many questions as you want to a quiz. This is done on the "Questions" page, where you will also find the "+ ADD QUESTION" button. Clicking on it opens the corresponding input area, where you can formulate the question ("Question label") and assign a short description ("Question description") and possibly a picture to it. In our case, the question is "(1) What kind of butterfly is this?" (the (1) means "1st question" and is relevant for the evaluation). And as an image, we upload a prepared picture of a lemon butterfly and assign it to the question:

The possible answer alternatives are defined in the options area below. For this purpose, a button with an answer can be created with "+ ADD OPTION". In the "Option label" field, enter the corresponding answer alternative (here "Lemon folder") and activate the radio button in front of it, since it is the correct answer. In the same way you create buttons with the label "Cleopatra butterfly", "cabbage white" and " black-veined white", but the radio button remains inactive (they are also wrong answers). Finally, you can specify whether the answer alternatives should be displayed to the "player" in random order (i.e. not in the creation order) and whether multiple selection is allowed (since multiple correct answers - in this case, of course - is not). And that's all. In the same way you can now create more questions until your quiz is complete. And again - don't forget to save!

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