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A quiz as a lead magnet and marketing booster (1)

The topic of this chapter is Builderall Quiz Builder, which allows you to create and implement various types of question games in the simplest way imaginable. They can be used solely for entertainment (a.k.a. "Who wants to be a millionaire?"), as a knowledge check (for example, related to specific products), but also for specific customer surveys as part of market research campaigns. The special feature of quizzes created with Builderall is that they are

a) are designed for lead generation (link to MailingBoss)

b) can be distributed separately and easily via social networks as a link

c) can be natively integrated into Cheetah websites (special element).

Since many people like to participate in a quiz, a Builderall user has an opportunity here to create particularly effective lead magnets for their landing pages. How this can be accomplished in detail will be explained below using the example of a quiz that allows someone to test their knowledge of species based on butterfly photos. For this purpose, one photo is displayed at a time and four butterfly names are offered for selection, one of which is the correct one. If you would like to try out the (complete) quiz for yourself in advance. Just follow this link:


As usual, you can find Quiz Builder in the "Virtual Office", where you should also install its tile if you intend to use this tool often. Clicking the "Open" button will then immediately take you to the Quiz Builder dashboard:

Here you can view the results of all your published quizzes for a given period of time (drop-down box).

To create a new quiz, simply click on the "+ NEW QUIZ" button with the mouse, which will take you to the "Create your quiz" page.

Here you can currently select one of four "quiz types": QUIZ, TRIVIA, POLL and SURVEY. What each quiz type can be used for and what specific features they have is written in the lower part of the window. In the following we will use the type "TRIVIA", which is ideally suited for so-called "Single" and "Multiple Choice" questions, which, as is well known, are often used in tests, exams and surveys. For this purpose, a certain number of answer options are given for a question, of which either one or several are "correct". The answers can then be evaluated at the end of the quiz - in the simplest case in the form of a score achieved.

Before you start creating the quiz, switch to "TRIVIA" once and then write in the corresponding input field what your quiz should be called - e.g. "Butterfly Quiz".  Now you only need to click on the "+ CREATE" button to enter the quiz editor:

It consists of the pages "CONFIGURATION", "QUESTIONS", "RESULTS" and "STYLE".

Note: Before you to start designing the quiz, you should prepare the images you may need. They can be in JPEG, PNG or FIF format and must have a size of exactly 600x300 pixels. For "cropping" the program "Irfanview" in particular has proved very useful.

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