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A few examples of simple funnel architectures

In the following, we will briefly present a few funnel architectures that have proven successful, for example, in the marketing of online learning courses created with Builderall. They are all designed to use traffic generated via social media to trigger the best possible distribution or sales process.


To build a webinar tunnel, you need traffic (e.g. generated via social networks using the Builderall tools "Post Planner", "Instagram Autoresponder", "Messenger Chatbot" and "Quiz Builder"), an optimally designed landing page ("Cheetah") in combination with the MailingBoss autoresponder (with webinar opt-in form and thank you page as well as an automatism that sends a link to a webinar room (created with the "Builderall Webinar Builder") after registration. And, of course, you need a webinar with appropriate useful content. This is where the Builderall eLearning app can serve you well. At the end, the visitor should be given the opportunity to explicitly purchase your digital (or even physical) product by opening up appropriate ordering or purchasing options.

Tripwire Funnel

If you want to sell several products via one funnel, then the structure of a so-called tripwire funnel is a good idea. It has the following structure:

As you can see, the principle of this funnel is to offer various coordinated products with increasing prices one after the other (and always after a completed order process). You can start with a free product directly on the landing page (in exchange for the prospect's email address, of course). After downloading the product, the prospective customer is then immediately directed to the following Tripwire page, where the product is presented with its advantages and the prospective customer is animated to sell it. If he buys this product, the game continues in the same way until he reaches the high-priced "Profit Maximizer". Since he has revealed his e-mail address on the page, he can subsequently be advertised for further products by e-mail (MailingBoss).

Demo Funnel

The primary goal of the demo funnel is to collect email addresses for email marketing. The "bait" is a freebee, such as a demo video, a checklist or an eBook on the topic. If such a "freebee" is accepted, the visitor can then be forwarded to a sales page for the main product. Or you can continue to contact him using email marketing methods until he eventually buys or unsubscribes from the mailing list.

Tip: Join the Builderall Funnel Club. Then you'll have hundreds of ready-made and proven funnel templates for all kinds of topics and areas of application at your disposal (and there are more every day!), which you only need to customize (it's child's play with "Cheetah"), configure and post online. They are simply a "must have" for a serious online marketer!

Note: You can create both simple and complex funnels virtually by drag'n drop with the "Cheetah Funnel Builder", which is an integral part of the Builderall platform.

Example of a webinar tunnel created with Cheetah Funnel Builder

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